Barrios Magicos

If you’re not sure where to spend your time in Mexico City, the city itself has made things easier for you. Introducing the ‘Barrios Magicos’ or ‘Magical Neighbourhoods’; special districts in Mexico City that have been deemed of high touristic value.

There are currently 21 magical neighbourhoods: San Angel, Roma/Condesa, Tacuba, Santa Maria La Ribera, Tacubaya, San Pedro Atocpan, Villa de Guadalupe, La Merced, San Andres Mixquic, Culhuacan, Xochimilco, Santa Julia, Santa Maria Magdalena Atlitic, Pueblo de Ixtacalco, Coyoacan, Cuajimalpa, Zona Rosa, Azcapotzalco, San Agustin de la Cuevas, Mixcoac and Garibaldi-Alameda Bellas Artes.


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Zona Rosa is a neighbourhood in west Cuauhtémoc, near Condesa and Colonia Roma. It is renowned for its vibrant nightlife, along with many boutiques, restaurants, cafes and art galleries. The cosmopolitan Zona Rosa is also home to a strong LGBT  community.

San Andres Mixquic is a small rural community that is situated on the south-eastern fringe of Mexico City. This traditional neighbourhood is most famous for its celebrations during the Day of the Dead holiday, with two days of rituals being held on November 1st and 2nd of each year.  The celebrations aim to remember and commemorate the deceased friends and families of the participants. There are also several archaeological sites of interest in the area.

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One of Mexico City’s major markets is the La Merced Market, which is in the La Merced area in the city’s east. The market offers a range of goods, including fresh produce, household merchandise and other miscellaneous items. Most of the market is dedicated to food, including fruit and vegetables and it is here where you can find some of the most delicious and authentic Mexican street food.

Xochimilco is the place to go for natural beauty. The district‘s picturesque waterways are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are popular with tourists, as it can be traversed via colourful gondola-type boats known as ‘trajineras’.  You won’t even have to leave your trajinera to be serenaded by mariachi bands or offered delicious Mexican cuisine, as the locals will float past you with their wares.

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Another area of scenic beauty is Santa Maria Magdalena Atlitic, in the southwest. Magdalena River is the centrepiece of the district and is a popular site for tourists. In fact, the entire area is ideal for walking and even horse riding.  There are also several cultural and religious sites that can be visited by the public, including the Temple of Mary Magdalene and the Church of Conception.