Mexico City Regional Overview

With 16 boroughs and hundreds of neighbourhoods, Mexico City is a place where you can get lost exploring for days and days on end. Embrace the city’s diversity as you travel from district to district and be open to the endless possibilities. One day you could be exploring an 18th century church, the next, you could be floating down kilometres of canal on a brightly-coloured gondola. You could pick up a quesadilla from a street vendor or treat your tastebuds at one of the city’s most prestigious restaurants. The choice is yours.

To really get an appreciation for how far the city has come and exactly where it has come from, pay a visit to any of the city’s museums. The National Museum of Anthropology, located in the Miguel Hidalgo borough, has a large collection of artefacts and exhibits dedicated to pre-Hispanic Mexico, while the nearby National Museum of History traces Mexico’s unique and varied past through its many displays. Those interested in Frida Kahlo and Leon Trotsky will also have the opportunity to visit the houses in which each lived; here you can also learn more about each of these famous figures and see memorabilia from their lives.

Visiting the city’s major archaeological site, Cuicuilco, is another way to delve into its ancient past. Dating back to 800 BC, Cuicuilco is home to the ruins of an ancient civilisation that was marred by a volcanic eruption. Today, you can visit the local museum and see bits and pieces of these ruins, as well as seeing several structures, including a partially formed pyramid.

For a more cosmopolitan feel, you can head to a number of neighbourhoods that are well known for their rich mix of restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs and shops. Zona Rosa, Colonia Roma and Condesa all evoke a distinctly arty, Bohemian vibe, while Polanco is both trendy and luxurious. Definitely make the most out of the first-class dining and vibrant nightlife if you can.

Mexico City is all about scenery and natural beauty too, in case you didn’t know. Its city centre is filled with plazas and parks, such as the impressive Bosque de Chapultepec parkland (also home to a zoo) and Mexico Park, which is filled with towering trees, winding paths and welcoming benches. For something a little more aquatic, head to the district of Xochimilco, the Mexican version of Venice. Hop on a colourful trajinera or canoe for a pleasant trip down the area’s lengthy canals and take in your surroundings. Finally, make the most of the hot Mexican sun and check out the city’s Botanical Gardens for a chance to be at one with nature, not to mention learn more about the country’s flora.  

There really is too much to write about; just know that there is much more to Mexico City and it’s up to you to make the most of it!

Image credit: Frontpage, pockygallery and haak78.