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The cuisine in the Mexican capital is as vast as its flavors are rich...

Although you may think that the regions of Mexico retain their very distinct cuisines, you will be surprised when visiting Mexico City. The metropolis acts like a food processor, mixing ingredients until you can't tell what went into the final combination.

There are classic old-style places, semiformal restaurants, and the wonderfully authentic restaurants called “Fondas”. On top of that you have luxurious places for those trying to get up to date on the latest food trends, traditional eateries to try typical food, markets and tianguis (open air markets) where you will be able to taste authentic pre-Hispanic flavors. 

The cuisine in the Mexican capital is as vast as its flavors are rich. There are so many choices, it is impossible to take them all in if you’re here only a few days. The options here are vast, for example many places even offer tasty options for those looking to eat out over Lent, without compromising the palate.

Mexico is famed for its gastronomy. But beyond the famous tacos and guacamole, there are numerous rich culinary traditions throughout the country. The tastes, smells and textures of traditional Mexican ingredients are an assault on the senses, especially the more exotic items such as maguey worms, ants and fried grasshoppers. But the subtle blend of flavors in dishes such as mole and traditional Mexican salsas are sure to delight the palates of even the most conservative visitors.  

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With its strong flavors and tempting aromas, the delicious food of the City has an identity of its own. Its spicy and suggestive dishes are born from an unusual gastronomy crossbreeding that combines pre-Hispanic, Spanish and French gastronomies 

When you are done exploring the local cuisine, don’t hesitate to visit international food restaurants of the City of Mexico. The capital of the country offers the best gastronomies of the world, from French, Spanish and Chinese to Japanese, Italian and Arabian cuisine.

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